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Pitimini. Bags. Design. Paola Cirelli.


Pitimini. Bags. Design. Paola Cirelli.

Pitimini. Bags. Design. Paola Cirelli.
Pitimini. Bags. Design. Paola Cirelli.

Bio Paola Cirelli

Paola Cirelli. Diseñadora de PitiminiPaola was born in Bahía Blanca in 1977. She graduated in Fashion Design from “Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA)”, where she also studied Architecture, completing the 80% of the course of study.

Her passion for art, design, architecture and different ways of expression and communication of society led her to go a long way that she is building even today.

She is co-author of the book “Buenos Aires es Tendencia. Diseño de Indumentaria en la era digital”. Sudamericana Publishing House, october 2012.

Furthermore, she graduated in Industrial Moulding and passed the course about Project Management (PM) from the Faculty of Economics (UBA).

She has been a lecturer at UBA in the course of study of Fashion Design since 2008. She also teaches courses about product tracking, project methodology, industrial moulding, etc. She is a lecturer at “Universidad de Palermo” in the subjects moulding 1 and 4; and in courses at “Crecer- Faiia Federación Argentina de la Industria de la Indumentaria y Afines - CIAI".

In 2007, she created “Estudio EDII”, specialised in product. She has incorporated trainings of production techniques, moulding, collection design and brand image since 2012.

Nowadays, from this way so enriched of forms, structures, function and obsession for detail, she develops PITIMINI, a brand that designs bags for mobile workers.
Pitimini. Bags. Design. Paola Cirelli.
Shoulder Bag Pitimini Rucksack Pitimini Bag Pitimini Porta Netbook Pitimini
Nro. 201.
Shoulder Bag
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Nro. 501.
Nro. 601.
Cases and Others
Pitimini. Bags. Design. Paola Cirelli.
SUSCRIBE   Pitimini. Bags. Design. Paola Cirelli.   COLLECTIONS
All Pitimini products and designs belong to Paola Cirelli. They are registered at
“Dirección de Modelos del Instituto Nacional de la Propiedad Industrial (INPI)” [Models Office of the
National Institute of Industrial Property]. Buenos Aires. Argentina.