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Pitimini. Bags. Design. Paola Cirelli.


Pitimini. Bags. Design. Paola Cirelli.

Pitimini. Bags. Design. Paola Cirelli.
Pitimini. Bags. Design. Paola Cirelli.

For the creation of form and composition, we take as starting point the works of the architects Tadao Ando, Le Corbusier y Clorindo Testa.

The way of composing the volume from modules, pure geometric forms, crude concrete marks, the use of noble materials and constrasting textures are some elements that are extracted to develop the collection. The synthesis of elements and and visual harmony let pieces highlight as details. Every part has its function, nothing is random in composition.

Form and function join together in a modular system that maximises the performance of moulding and every part builds a whole, creating visual connection.

Pure geometry, joining together and inserting forms, visible structures, modules. The module measures correspond to technological elements (laptop, netbook, tablet, etc.) and their proportions. Container and content.

The used arrangements are based on the morphological game proposed by Tadao Ando in the use of smooth concrete, with visible marks of shuttering, which are circles in low relief. The raw material has visual and tactile texture, just as leather which is presented with a treatment of wear and works in areas that structure the bag.

This morphological and functional way has just started and it is taking off little by little. We don´t know what is waiting for us, and that uncertainty is simply exciting and makes us keep on dreaming. :)


* The images were taken from the book El Croquis, BY Tadao Ando.
* The photos of Villa Savoye - Le Corbusier, were taken by Paola Cirelli.
* The photos of Banco de Londres - Clorindo Testa, were taken by Gastón Larrosa
and were published in this blog >>

Pitimini. Bags. Design. Paola Cirelli.
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All Pitimini products and designs belong to Paola Cirelli. They are registered at
“Dirección de Modelos del Instituto Nacional de la Propiedad Industrial (INPI)” [Models Office of the
National Institute of Industrial Property]. Buenos Aires. Argentina.