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Pitimini. Bags. Design. Paola Cirelli.


Pitimini. Bags. Design. Paola Cirelli.

Pitimini. Bags. Design. Paola Cirelli.
Pitimini. Bags. Design. Paola Cirelli.

Pitimini is an Argentine brand that designs bags destined for the mobile worker or teleworker. Every bag has specific internal divisions to facilitate the transport of technology such as laptops, netbooks, tablets, accessories and other compartments for storing common elements like keys, mobile phones and cards.

Moreover, we offer containers for different uses that will allow the client to customise the bag by means of a system of internal attachment. [see]

The characteristic that distinguishes and differentiates Pitimini bags is the functionality, practicality and flexibility of their interior. This feature gives our clients the possibility to choose their own interface according to their personal needs.

Pitiminí encourages transparency in the different stages of the productive process involving all parties that add value to the product and using recyclable materials. The products are developed in 100% cotton canvas and 100% leather.

We believe and trust in national raw material, and we support our national industry. Pitimini is made in Argentina.

Pitimini. Bags. Design. Paola Cirelli.

The name Pitimini
is born as of a phrase that Paola´s maternal grandmother used to repeat and it has been passed down: it referred to the clothes that the family wore to “go out” or “party clothes”. The phrase was: “¡Estás vestida de Pitiminí!”. In Spanish, some synonyms for this term can be “pitucos” or “pipí cucú”. The meaning is that you are posh and elegant.

In the time of our grandmothers, clothes were differentiated by the clear and precise wear: garments to “go out” or “party clothes” were carefully preserved and were occasionally worn

Pitimini. Bags. Design. Paola Cirelli.
Shoulder Bag Pitimini Rucksack Pitimini Bag Pitimini Porta Netbook Pitimini
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Shoulder Bag
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Pitimini. Bags. Design. Paola Cirelli.
SUSCRIBE   Pitimini. Bags. Design. Paola Cirelli.   COLLECTIONS
All Pitimini products and designs belong to Paola Cirelli. They are registered at
“Dirección de Modelos del Instituto Nacional de la Propiedad Industrial (INPI)” [Models Office of the
National Institute of Industrial Property]. Buenos Aires. Argentina.